Personal Responsibility Paper

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For Every Action There Will Be a Reaction
Ruby Minor
Gen 200
May 28, 2012
Prof. Rory Morris

For Every Action There Will Be a Reaction
Thesis Statement Every day choices or decisions are made from experiences taught or from experiences learned. The only choices to be responsible for are the ones that are considered honorable or right. Also bad decisions are made but people do not want to be accountable for them. In life the choices made will guide the way people live whether responsible or irresponsible. Only be responsible for personal decisions.
I. Overview II. Choices we make A. work B. To go to school C. To have a family III. Be responsible for my life A. Time To management
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We have learned a lot in life to get ahead, do not take short cuts, do thorough investigations/research and make the best of information to show that you are holding yourself accountable for actions made at school. It also shows that you are upholding to the school policies and Code of Conduct, in which you will not have to face the school board for unethical practices at school, or face your peers after being charged with cheating or unethical practices. Once you have committed yourself to school and put in the time to study, read, write papers, do homework, and pass tests, you will feel a deep sense of success and happiness. You will believe in success because you understood what you were doing, and you passed with good grades, and got a full understanding of your class and used good ethnical values. Happiness comes from accomplishing what you started, and you can advance on to the next step. This makes a person very proud of himself/herself, and they feel good about what they have done and want to do more. They start enjoying what they are doing and want to do more to finish their goals. Personal responsibility sets this in motions because you made a choice, and you stuck to it, you were responsible. Also I think this can relate to Maslow’s Theory, hierarchy of need’s: “The Esteem Need- first we require a healthy degree of confidence and self-esteem. This means having a


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