Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership

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Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership
Heather Hargrave
August 8, 2014
Steve Kovak

Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership There are many individuals that confuse the roles and responsibilities of managers and that of a leader. While managers and leaders both have many common characteristic, the roles and responsibilities within a company are defined differently. The purpose of this paper is to go into detail about these different responsibilities within a company. A leader can be both formal and informal, for the sake of this paper it will be more geared towards explaining a more formal leadership role. Additionally a personal experience will be included to assist in this understanding.
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Democratic style of managing can be defined as a style that has an open door policy. Upper management welcomes feedback from fellow employees. Employees maybe asked his or her ideas when completing a task. This ensures a healthy and effective way of communication between all employees and managers. Superiors will take into account employees concerns and feedback before finalizing the steps in accomplishing a goal. While there are other styles it is irrelevant to go through them all for the question of the differences between manager and leader (Management styles-Meaning and different types of styles, n.d.).
Leadership Defined A leader on the other hand is a person that uses the unique interests and needs of everyone involved. These individuals see a goal and inspire others to see the goal as being important to everyone involved. The leader sees a goal as a personal fulfillment and inspires others to view that goal as an influential tool to benefit all in a company. Leaders can be informal or formal. Informal leaders are those individuals that step up to assist others; however they have not been assigned this task by any hirer entities. These individuals are caring, have a personal goal to do his or her best and will encourage this attitude from fellow personal. For the sake of explain leadership for this paper it will be focusing on formal leaders (Lieber & McConnell, 2012). Leaders, in a formal organization,


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