Ethics Case Study

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Ethics Case Study
Nurses are faced with ethical issues and dilemmas on a regular basis. Nurses must understand his or her values and morals to be able to deal adequately with the ethical issues he or she is faced with. Some ethical issues nurses are exposed to may be more difficult than others and the ethical decision making process is learned over time.
The purpose of this paper is to identify the ethical issues in the case study provided in the week one assignment. A discussion of how to use ethical principles to address the issues presented in the case study will be covered within the paper. A description of conflicts of this nursing student’s personal values and the ethical principles applied in this case study. The paper will
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Then an investigation of the daycare center is also needed to clear possible abuse. The protection of a patient’s health and safety should always be part of caring for a patient.
The professional nursing organization chosen to discuss in this paper is the American Nurses Association\California (ANA\C). The ANA\C mission statement is “to optimize nursing's contribution to the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities” (ANA\C, 2007). This mission statement can guide the organizations efforts to promote its nursing practice standards, professional development, conduct, research, influence legislation, and enhance professional practice environments (ANA\C, 2007). The American Nurses Association has published a code of ethics that nurses are to use to guide his or her nursing practice. The ANA\C publishes a newsletter that is distributed to every licensed nurse in California. The newsletter is a way to get the ANA\C principles out to all nurses in California. The ANA\C focuses on nursing education, practice, legislation, national ANA events, continuing education program, advisory boards, and other information that are of interest to nurses in California. All the previously listed activities are the ANA\C’s way of promoting its own ethical principles to the public and its members.
In conclusion, the ethical case study presented ethical dilemmas that most nurses are exposed to at sometime in his


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