Explain the Key Components Required for Client Workstations to Connect to a Network and Access Network Resources.

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Explain the key components required for client workstations to connect to a network and access network resources.
I work for the IT support department of SMARTNETS Inc. an organisation that specialises in Network solutions for medium to large companies. The managers have now asked me to plan the network options for a charity called UCANHELP with an office in Northolt and will like to share resources between 6 computers, not in the same room but require internet connection, video conference, instant messaging etc.

Key Component * Network Devices * Interconnection devices * Connectors and cabling * Software

I. Network Devices

* Workstation: which is used by business or professional person who can be
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Unlike copper electrical signal, fiber less affected by noise, high speed communication and further. * Optical fiber is made up of the center conductor is glass or plastic fibers have been refined to allow maximum transmission of light signals. Optical fibers are coated with a reflective lining to good signals. Fibre optics is very expensive and difficult to install.

* Satellite: is special wireless for receiving and transmitting data form earth to satellite which is in space. It is used for television signal , weather , GPS ,Internet communication. * UTP (un-shield twisted pair): is ordinary copper wire which connect home and business computer to the telephone company and is very common type of copper telephone wiring. UTP cables without shell wrap anti diffract. It has the flexibility and durability. * Many twisted pair STP cable but no noise shell. Bare twisted pair cable using standard 10BaseT or 100BaseT. Due to low price, quickly becoming the most preferred local cable network. The maximum length of a cable segment is 100 meters. * UTP cable has five types.

* STP (Shielded Twisted Pair): Including external multiple twisted pair covered a crust made of braided copper wire. This coating is effective against EMI from the outside and the against radiated noise inside. STP help ground to escape the noise. * Some businesses always use this


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