Workplace Communication Ilm Level 3

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Assignment. Communication in the Workplace.

Understand the importance of effective communication.

Communication in the workplace is a process used to transfer information or instruction from one individual to a group or another individual.
When we need to convey information or instruction to our teams or indeed to senior management communication is essentially a means to an end. To achieve a clear communication path the receiver must understand the instruction or information being given. By providing them with the reasoning behind the information we are trying to get them to engage in a positive way with the message or instruction. If the receiver understands the purpose of the message being communicated they are more likely to buy
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The sender must get the message across in a reasonable time period. 7) There must be little outside or background noise to distract the receiver.
The meeting should be arranged in a suitable environment such as a closed office rather than the canteen or public office.
In written communications the message may not be properly received for the following reasons. 1) If hand written the message must be legible.
Typing is generally easier to read and more professional. 2) Poor spelling or sentence construction will lead to misinterpretation.
Always check the message is comprehensible to the receiver. 3) Avoid over long or over detailed messages so the receiver can grasp immediately their input.
The message should only have the key points for the receiver to action. 4) Ensure the receiver has received the communication.
The sender should request confirmation is received either written or verbal.
To ensure a team receives and understands a communication from their leader there are several methods to best achieve the desired result.
Where the team size is more than six persons it is probably best to communicate a general instruction by a team briefing. This will ensure that everyone receives the same communication at the same time, and there can be no suggestion that individuals were given different instructions, although they may each interpret the message differently when decoding. However when a


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