Assignment: Management and Leadership Paper.

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Assignment: Management and Leadership Paper.
Angela D. Nicol
University of Phoenix
MGT 330 Management Theory Practice and Application
Professor Mary Jane Tytran, MBA
Due Date March 17, 2008


This paper discusses and defines the differences between management and leadership. This paper will also examine the roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. It will explain as well as examine the four functions of management as they lead to the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture. This paper will also recommend some strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a
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The second responsibility is to innovate and market. By applying an uninterrupted and unlimited improvement strategy where you are always looking for better, faster and cheaper ways to market your products. The third responsibility of leadership is to solve problems and make decisions. This responsibility can be the hardest because one is always thinking and discussing solutions to the problems that plague the organization. One also has to focus all his or her attention onto what actions need to be taken to solve the problems. The fourth responsibility is for leaders to set priorities and work on key tasks. A leader has a responsibility to the organization to always be working on the most vital task all the time and to assure that everyone else is working on his or her key tasks as well. The fifth responsibility is to concentrate single-mindedly on the activity that can make the greatest difference to the organization and its employees. This responsibility entails that you have to write down everything and set priorities. The sixth responsibility is to perform and get the desired results from everyone in the organization. The ability a leader has in getting results not only determines the pay, promotions, and a success in the organization but it also has the results of how people in the organization hold you and respects your words. The seventh and final responsibility is to be a role


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