Character Analysis: Catherine in "Proof"

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Character Analysis
Catherine in “Proof”

1. a) Act I: Scene One “I feel old.” –pg. 6. True, her dad at his intellectual peak was twenty-two. “I’m not alone.” False, she is alone, she’s talking to a ghost. “Because in order for your friends to take you out you generally have to have friends.” –pg 7. True, she doesn’t have any friends. “Well now I’ve forgotten.” –pg 8. False, she wants to forget. “I haven’t been lazy. I’ve been taking care of you.” True. “I’ve lost a few days.” True, more than a few. “I haven’t done anything good.” –pg 9. True, not yet. “I’m not.” –pg 11. False, she is asking indirectly. “I’M not crazy.” –pg 14. False, she doesn’t know. “…I’m glad he’s
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I could have. I wanted you to be first to see it. I didn’t know I wanted that until last night. It’s ME. I trusted you.” True. “I should have known that she wouldn’t believe me, but why don’t you?” True, she knows Claire doesn’t believe what she says. “I just used one of his blank books.” True. “I’m a mathematician too.” –pg 55. True. “My education wasn’t at Northwestern. It was living in this house for twenty- five years.” Very true.

Scene Four “I didn’t know what was going on. I had to drive all the way down here.” True, he wasn’t answering the phone. “I had to skip class.” –pg 59. True. “I don’t mind.” –pg 61. True, she cares and is worried. “I’m cold too.” –pg 62. True, it’s freezing outside.

Scene Five “I’m okay.” –pg 64. False. “I’m not. Not really.” False, she wants her coat. “I can’t wait.” –pg 65. False, she doesn’t really want to go. “Listening to you say how hard this is for me, is what’s hard for me.” True, Claire is making a hard situation to deal with harder with her commentary. “I could.” True, she doesn’t need Claire to look after her. “I was tired!” True, because she was depressed. “I didn’t want to talk to you.” –pg 67. True. “I already knew.” True. “I’m leaving.” True. “So maybe it’s my turn. I kick and scream but I don’t know. Being taken care of,


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