Sales Management Practice

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Term Paper: Sales Management Practice
Timothy M. Smith
Marketing 4030: Sales Management
This term paper exercise is designed to have you study the specific sales practices of a company of your choice. You are to study a company directly, that is, by personally interviewing one or more key executives (for example, the regional sales manager). This will be a group project. You will select a company for your study according to several criteria:
Personal interest
: your group finds the
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In this recommendation/critique section, you are to critically analyze the sales management practices of the company: what are they doing right? What ar e they doing wrong?
Where could they improve? In fact, you might ask your sales manager these questions when you meet them. Good recommendations will incorporate class material with information gathered and sound, personal judgment. Recommendation: a good target to shoot for as you are developing your project is to dedicate about half of your time summarizing how your company operates in practice and the other half on recommendations/critique.
Presentation Guidelines

Presentations are not to exceed 20 minut es in duration (5
10 minutes following your presentation will be allowed for questions
i.e. max of 30 minutes allotted for each group). 
All group members must play an active role in the presentation (presenting a portion of the material or active in answ ering questions).

Presentations should be developed using Powerpoint '97 or later edition. Bring presentation on a floppy disk, CD
ROM, or ZIP disk (multiple media is recommended in the event of complications). SCAN ALL DISKS FOR VIRUSES PRIROR TO

Role play
you are a sales management consulting team presenting your findings to


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