Crisis Management - United Flight 232

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Situational Analysis: Flight 232
Cecille Hayes
Argosy University

Module 5
The purpose of this assignment is to develop leadership and crisis management skills by using a real-life case study example (Argosy Lecture Notes, 2013).
Case Study
This paper focuses on United Airlines (UA) Flight 232, a DC10 aircraft that was en route from Denver to Philadelphia via Chicago. It was forced to make an emergency landing in Sioux City, Iowa due to an engine failure. The flight carried 296 passengers and crew members (Argosy Lecture Notes, 2013).
Part 1: Personal Profiles of Crew Members who Played a Crucial Role in the Flight
There were at least four United Airlines crew members who played a crucial role in the flight:
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Instead of panicking and losing focus on the crisis at hand, he dealt with the issues one by one and demonstrated an amazing ability to adapt to the circumstances and personalities involved on the flight. When one of the engines failed, he immediately shut it down and decided to continue to fly the aircraft. Even when the hydraulic systems failed and they were unable to control the aircraft, he trusted his judgment and continued to make decisions with the safety of his passengers in mind. When the time was appropriate, he communicated the situation to the passengers. His ability to adapt to the circumstances was remarkable.

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