Business Ethics Paper

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Business Ethics Paper
BUS 415
November 14, 2011
Michael Green

Business Ethics Paper The same ethical issues in the business world have been around for a long time. In theory business ethics is a practical regulation that dictates moral activity of commercial interests. The history of business ethics is founded in corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Entertainer Shirley Jones filed suit in California against the tabloid company The National Enquirer, whose home office is based in Florida. According to the suit Jones wanted to sue for damages of defamation, invasion of privacy and emotional distress. It will be discussed how a suit filed in one state and the defendant lives in another. It will be discussed the type of paper The
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Furthermore the clause states that of The Enquirer brought property into the state that constitutes as minimal contact, since The National Enquirer ships more than 600,000 copies of the paper The National Enquirer and its president are liable to suit in California even though the business is based in Florida (Cheeseman, 2010).
As we have seen in this case a suit is valid even when the defendant and the plaintiff are living in separate states. As with a person, a corporation can be considered a citizen and is thereby susceptible to the same laws. Before determining if someone can be sued by another in a separate state there are a few considerations to take into account.
In this paper we researched to type of business The National Enquirer is and what they are perceived to be by the public, even though some of the public think of the tabloid as offensive and lacking journalistic integrity the tabloid continues to sale millions of copies every year. The ethics behind The Enquirer trying to avoid being sued by claiming that the suit had no merit since it was filed in California was discussed. Without know the extent of law regarding similar lawsuits The Enquirer did what any person would have done in a similar situation and argue that the suit had no jurisdiction in Florida where the company resides. Finally it was discussed why The National Enquirer was subject to suit in California, by sending the reporter who


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