Position Paper

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Position Paper

I do think Lucy Donavan violated the UHD Honesty Policy because she obtained and used unauthorized material to prepare for her Intro to Politics midterm exam and was not honest in her glimpse of seeing the major essay topic.
Lucy obtained the midterm exam from the photocopying machine. The definition of “obtain” in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary means “to hold on to, or possess.” In the case of Lucy she had possession of the test when she picked it up from the photocopy machine. This fact shows that Lucy did obtain the exam. The UHD Academic Honesty Section 2.2 labeled Academic Honesty Violations, Bullet 3, states that “obtaining and/ or using unauthorized material.” Lucy did violate this section of the policy.
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Faculties will be affected also, they may be required to be more careful in leaving their exams laying around for students to find them and they may also be required to make different test from now on and not plagiarize from another teacher’s exam. UHD might fire teachers that are negligence in leaving test papers lying around. UHD may start evaluating their teacher’s method of teaching to see if they are teaching what they are testing about. UHD may also rewrite policies where they are better understood by the faculty and students and are fair due to the circumstance of the offense. Student that works at office job around the campus may be required to sign and say an oath stating that if I find a teacher’s test I will immediately make it aware to my supervisor or whoever is in charge at that time, if I do not do so I will be expelled from the college with no questions asked. The business communities will most likely be skeptical in hiring students from UHD due to the dishonesty of Lucy. They may feel UHD is a school of nothing but cheaters. UHD integrity will also suffer from this type of mishap. UHD attendance may suffer causing them to lose federal funds. Parents may be skeptical in letting their kids attend UHD because they don’t want their children to be labeled cheaters. Parents may also start being involved in their children education from now on. Educational communities may not want UHD to be a part of their establishments because of lack


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