Organizations Paper

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Organization Paper, Individual Assignment 4
Linda D. Mason
October 21st, 2013
Jon Sowers, faculty

Organization Paper, Individual Assignment 4

The purpose of this paper is to define and explain the bureaucratic organization listing the characteristics and identifying the main principles. In addition to define an agile organization listing the characteristics and identifying and listing the nine steps of management by objectives. Also listing the advantages and disadvantages of both the bureaucratic and agile organizations. This information is imperative to the police department. Decisions will be made as to the type of organization is the best choice for our department.
Bureaucratic Organization Characteristics These
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List Advantages and Disadvantages of Bureaucratic and Agile Organization. Advantages of Bureaucratic organizations: (1) Exclusion of politicians. With the use of the bureaucratic system political involvement would not be a major deciding factor in operations. (2) Ensure stability. The need of the organization becomes almost frugal. (3) permanence. Doubts that the organization would become terminated. (4) minimize ambiguity. By reducing the ambiguity the department also ensures it’s existence. (5) Minimize impreciseness. Management can better control the ability of the officer's response time. (5) control. Oversight of the officers on the job ensures this. (6) accountability. Someone is always accountable under the hierarchy. and (7) Professionalism of the police. The bureaucratic observation over the officers ensures this service (Kania, 2008). Disadvantages of Bureaucratic organizations; (1) Employees feel a machine like atmosphere. They feel like little machines, told what to do, where to go. (2)


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