Unreached People Group

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Arabized – Berbers of Morocco

Keith Travis
Global Studies Survey
GLST 500
Dr. Stephen Parks
April 9, 2013

Table of Contents
Survey of Missions Work9 Challenges9 Status of the church10 Current Strategies11
Proposed Strategy13
Gaining Access13 Prayer14 Tent Making Skills15 Bonding & Partnerships16 Support17

UnReached People Group Project


It has been said that worship is the core or center of mission. The ultimate goal of any missionary is to bring people (entire people groups) into a passionate, relationship with God. John Piper states,
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Over the next seven hundred years, the Arab Muslim’s lived and expanded their borders of Morocco with virtually no threats from outside forces. It wasn’t until the 16th century that the people of Morocco began to feel the sting of outside regions trying to impose their will upon them in hostile takeovers of their land. The Sa’adi Monarchy, under Ahmed Al-Mansur, successfully repelled and defeated attempts to conquer their lands for almost two hundred years until Spain (their northern neighbors), in the very late 17th century invaded and effectively took over the northern parts of Morocco during the age of colonial expansion. Colonial expansion is almost synonymous with trade expansion. There was wealth to be made with colonial expansion and the rediscovery of previously forgotton or ignored land areas. It is through this trade culture that still runs deep within their nation that a viable church plant attempt may take hold within the rural villages. The trade industry provides an opportunity for bringing in food trades such as fish and equipment trade that brings in well pumps and farming tools. It is with such practical trade that consistent relationships can be formed and cultivated. The trade industry became so dominate in Morocco that France stepped in around 1912 because Morocco was losing its national identity and sovereignty and issued a