Constitution Paper

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Constitution Paper

January 25, 2016
Andrew Cramer Constitution Paper
After the Revolution, citizens of the United States were free of British rule, but found themselves in need of a government to keep peace and prosperity among the different states. The Articles of Confederation was finally put into place in 1777 that was intended to do just that. However, not all states agreed with the Articles of Confederation. At that time, each state counted for one vote regardless of size, which was fine for smaller states, but the larger ones felt that their votes should have more say in matters due to its larger population. Congress had little power to tax for much needed funds, nor to regulate foreign and interstate commerce.
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A key component of a better government required three branches rather than just one as previously used.
The nation's Forefathers considered the outline of the Constitution carefully and sought to avoid any possible tyranny. Therefore, the Constitution's first three articles declared that the government should consist of three branches, including the executive, legislative, and judicial sections. Under the term "separation of powers,” each branch possesses its own powers, performs its own separate functions, but cannot overthrow another branch. Through a system of checks and balances, each branch coordinates with the other, also keeping the balance of power even among the three branches. The legislative branch makes laws and the executive branch implements them (The United States Constitution, n. d.). The judicial branch interprets the laws and oversees legal disputes. Each branch can control the power of the other two. For example, the Congress, or the legislative branch can pass legislation, but the executive branch, or the President, has the ability to veto the law. The courts of the judicial branch may interpret a law passed by Congress and the president as unconstitutional, and can overturn any act of legislation for this reason. In this checks and balance, or interrelated system, no single branch of the government holds sole authority. The three branches work in


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