Panama Papers

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The Panama Papers James Kerrigan
General Studies/Rader School of Business
Milwaukee School of Engineering

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James Kerrigan, General Studies/Rader School of Business, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Prepared for HU 432 007 Ethics for Managers & Engineers Professor Paul Hudec and submitted 5/4/2016
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In this paper, the topic being analyzed is the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers are being described as the biggest collection of documents ever to be leaked. This paper will discover, present, and judge the facts of what had happened and then through the Ethical
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To list a few, actor Jackie Chan, famous soccer star Lionel Messi, over a hundred public officials and politicians from all around the World. The weird thing though was that there were not many Americans listed. So does that mean Americans are not doing things like this or are they just not going offshore to keep their financial privacy?
When it comes to transparency, the best case for why wealthy people should reveal their total assets is mostly so that rich end up paying their fair share of taxes. The main reason for the outrage of the Panama Papers seems to end up being in that this is a way for the rich to try and get out of paying taxes. The same money that can buy anything that one wants is also a thing that can help buy impunity. Impunity is just a tactic wealthy people use to do an illegal action , like tax evasion, and end up paying some kind of professional for them to find loopholes like tax avoidances. By doing this, it ends up causing major moral outrage from the many of others of people who are not wealthy enough to do it themselves. Thus, why transparency is very important to make sure that all unpaid taxes don’t go unnoticed. However, it would have to be deemed by the governments to be in charge of this, in making sure that everyone paid their fair share of taxes. So, then the governments would be the only ones allow to get access to the financial information of the super-rich. However,


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