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1. How does UPS’s approach toward sustainability impact the triple bottom line? Be specific
Sustainability is regarded as a goal of any business. The accounting framework, to support sustainability goal is called as the triple bottom line (TBL).It focus on performance of an organization with the interrelated dimensions of profits, people and the planet.
UPS accelerated progress towards it sustainability goal as stated in its 13th annual sustainability report created impacts on triple bottom lines: People, profit and planet (Environmental).
People: Company deploys various innovative strategies and technologies such as ORION routing system, UPS My Choice service and UPS Access Point locations, to cut down the unnecessary miles and give
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Looking at the commitment to sustainability and the nature and scope of the operations of UPS, I am at a loss to define what internal and external stockholders are. In a way UPS is enhancing the values to both internal and external stockholder in the long run. Although in the short term, employees and shareholders may be having the perception that they are losing some money because of expenditure on the environmental and or sustainability projects. Never the less in order to maintain global leadership UPS must strive to help customers with more sustainable solutions, delivering packages more efficiently, creating more connections, facilitating international trade and deploying advanced technology with least damages to the global environment/climate change.

3. Which of the six general environmental forces influenced Mr. Kuehn’s approach toward sustainability? Discuss.

The general environmental forces are: demographic, sociocultural, political and legal, technological, economical and global forces. For a firm which wants to record sustainable development, it has to focus on the above six areas.

4. To what extent is UPS’s approach toward sustainability consistent with the four approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas?

The UPS Code of Business Conduct (“Code”) sets forth standards of conduct for


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