Suplly Chain Process 7- Eleven

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Executive Summary
7-Eleven is a famous brand and provide more than 40 thousands convenience stores for the customers in the worldwide and the most important factor is successful performance in Supply Chain Management (SCM). However, 7-Eleven still has been facing a lot of problems which should be sorting them out in order to get more business opportunities. This report focuses on the supply chain management of 7-Eleven and suggests the improvement for potential problem of its whole supply chain system. At first, will introduce the company’s background by collecting data about its current situation and identifies the issues which are supported by SWOT analysis. And through the GAP analyses of the business the key existent issues faced by
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(IBIS world 2011)

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Supply chain of 7-eleve

1. Manufacture & Warehouse
(Different manufactures supply their products to warehouse. According to different types of goods the warehouse uses different storage strategy. Warehouses faction as inventory coordination points or as inventory storage points.)
2. Warehouse & Convenience stores
(The warehouse through use the different mixed intermediate inventory storage point strategies to deliver the goods to convenience stores. Fresh food or chilled food---Cross Docking, delivers daily or several times per a week. Articles for daily use and long shelf-life foods--- traditional warehousing, deliver twice or once per a week.)
3. Manufacture & 7-Eleven Franchiser & warehouses
(Upstream companies, the manufacture agrees with 7-Eleven Franchiser to distribuite and sell their products in convenience stores, then they will supply of goods through a third party warehouse, controling the lead times)
4. 7-Eleven Franchiser & convenience stores
(Based on POS and SAP systems, convenience stores will upload their sales date to Franchiser and get the sales analysis and forecasting information from them.)
Distribution system
7-Eleven uses distribution centers in Australia to services the stores. And it established temperature-separated distribution system to delivery daily fresh food and other items. The delivery route and time also well organized to