IS PM Paper

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Application of Project Management in IS Deployment
IS deployment and project management based upon case studies:
“Imperative” IS Development
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It has been proven through industry research that successful IS project implementation and deployment consists of measurable project performance factors that have wide-spread impact on an organizations business goals and IS investment objectives. Taking a holistic approach to the application of effective and proven project management principles can ensure success to entirety and not just from a fragmented perspective.

The theories and models for success of
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Furthermore, including critical path measurements for the overall IS project would have produced measureable KPIs and prevention of performance gaps associated with developer training, geographical constraints and limitations, and business process awareness as experienced during the phases of execution. The case study discovered underestimations pertaining to the development timeframe, which led to an extended period of project slippage and conceivably an over expenditure of cost and resources. Although the project was deemed “successful” by, the quantitative factors of such were not captured on any level. How the overall project aligned within the IT project portfolio in terms of prioritization and investment was left without mention. All of which are essential to success application of IT project management for complex IS projects (C. Brown,


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