Jodi Arias Trial

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Analysis of the Homicide Trial of Jodi Arias
By Robert Davis
Professor Lauren Burke
CCJS 100 6382
University of Maryland University College
March 8, 2013 Robert Davis
Professor Burke
CCJS 100
March 8, 2013

Analysis of the Homicide Trial of Jodi Arias The criminal justice system ensures the safety and protection of society from criminal offenders. The process of the criminal justice system begins when a criminal offense is reported to law enforcement officials. If required, an investigation begins, leading to a warrant and arrest. Following the arrest, bail is set and a preliminary hearing is scheduled. If the defendant is indicted, a trial date is set. Providing the defendant does not waive the right to a jury trial, a
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Jodi Arias was indicted by a California grand jury on July 9, 2008, thus establishing probable cause to prosecute. The final step before the criminal trial is arraignment to advise the defendant of the charges and allow the defendant to enter a plea, usually guilty or not guilty. Sometimes, arraignment takes place at the same time as the initial appearance. However, Jodi Arias was arraigned on September 11, 2008 and entered a plea of not guilty (Dolak, 2013). It is at this point that Arias and her defense attorney may have benefited from a plea deal to potentially avoid imposition of the death penalty. Since the defendant pleaded not guilty, the case moved on to the trial phase. The final steps of the criminal justice system the defendant will experience are trial and sentencing. The trial begins with opening arguments from both the prosecution and the defense. After these arguments, the trial proceeds with the prosecution presenting evidence and questioning witnesses and sometimes experts. The witnesses and experts are each cross-examined by the defense attorney before the witnesses and experts leave the stand. If necessary, the prosecution will rebut after the defense’s examination. After the state completes this process and rests, the defense attorneys have to opportunity to call witnesses, experts, and the defendant in some cases. The prosecution is then allowed to cross-examine the defense’s witnesses, experts, and


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