Operation Management

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Formulate an operations strategy for your business
The role of operation strategy is to provide a plan for the operations function so that it can make the best use of its resources. The operations strategy must be aligned with the company’s business strategy and enable the company to achieve its long term plan. Once the business strategy has been developed, and operation strategy must be formulated. The operation strategy relates the business strategy to the operation function. The operation strategy focuses specific capabilities of the operation that gives the company a competitive edge. These capabilities are called competitive priorities. There are four broad categories of competitive priorities: 1. cost ~ offering a product at a
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My product will fit into the product line and the depth and breadth of the line, because I am not just selling on particular item for cheerleaders. I am broadening out to not only cheer shoes that consist of different types and styles; I will also sale other items that are directly focused on cheerleading accessories. The product line is how many products that company has. My company Cheer Tyme will have several different types of products all geared to the same objective. My objective is to make sure cheerleaders teams have exactly what they need in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. My company will have different products to offer. The top 3 categories I will discuss are cheer shoes, clothing and jewelry. Under product depth there will be one product with several different products under that one. Cheer shoes comes in different styles. For example: Nike, Nfinity and Kappa etc. I would be selling those cheer shoes to my customers. I would have them on hand to give the customer the opportunity to see if they like the shoe instead of ordering online and when they received they weren’t exactly wanted they wanted. All type of products will be offered to cheerleaders with in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding cities. I will offered luggage any size; overnight. I would be selling those cheer shoes to my customers. I would have them on hand to give the


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