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MCOM200 Management Communication GROUP REPORT 2008 b MCOM231- 08(A) Group Report: Leadership, Power & Influence. {draw:frame} Which form of power has the best influence on effective leadership? Word count: 2,746 Executive Summary Leadership, power and influence is a theme within management that is constantly developing overtime. Leaders are continuously developing new and innovative ways to empower their followers in order to get the best out of them. For the purpose of this report, we have decided to look at the assumption that leadership is based on the different types of relationships between people, rather than the skills and abilities of just one person. We know this theory allows for a network of …show more content…

(Acting from the centre) Referent power can be linked to a concept such as ‘value-centred leadership’. “Value-centred leaders look within and guide their actions accordingly”. (Acting from the centre) “Essentially, this is about earning the right and respect to lead through direct individual involvement and action” (Kouzers, J. M., & Posner, B.Z., 2002). Leaders who put this concept into practice are said to have a leadership style that “is grounded in the beliefs” they hold to “make decisions about people and strategy”. (Acting from the centre) Values are derived knowing they will develop the organization not hinder it. These values should then be turned into actions i.e. ‘walking the talk’, and making it known to your employees that “you’re not offering…a cure-all that represents the “right” way or the “safe” way to do things. You simply have chosen to lead with these values in the face of uncertainty…” (Acting from the centre) An opposing view suggests power is just merely an image. “Powerful people are not born powerful. Rather, powerful people have a talent for dramatizing, communicating, using, and exploiting whatever resources they process. Being powerful is a skill”. (The power image) If a leader only has ‘skills’ that make them appear to be powerful, people will eventually see straight through this and they will not view them as legitimate leader nor will they respect


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