Christian Leadership

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Christian Leadership

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Introduction to Christian Leadership Leadership scholars have presented many theories in understanding leadership. However, making sense of hundreds of books and thousands of studies is a complicated task, which is why many mistakenly think that leadership is an indefinable phenomenon. Some of us presume complete authority in our own favored ways. Novel leaders often discard the entire system used by the exiting leaders. In a catastrophic situation, persistence on individual style can be helpful; yet in a democratic culture, leaders don’t own the organization and must consider the right of the followers. Personal style and preference must be avoided in
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In other times, the main motivation power for his subordinates to work is fear. This destroys the sense of common ownership and responsibility among the people. The One Man Operation style typically features a jack of all trade leaders. I can do it even if you all fail is his attitude and back up plans. He measures the potential of the group by his own ability. So, he only plan goals which he personally would possibly
Achieve, anything harder is too great a risk to him. This kind of leadership fosters little sense of responsibility and participation among the co-workers. Things are usually done eventually, by himself - from being chairman, leading songs, making most of the suggestions, execution and even cleaning up the mess 5. His style prevents the organization to enjoy the co-operative power of the bigger human resource base. Many gifted people might be overlooked for their potential. The Team Player Leader is like a quarterback of a football team. He listens to the coach and knows the importance of the idiosyncrasy of the teammates. He knows that he does not own the team, yet is called upon to discern and communicate decisions according to the need of the time, based on the ability and resources of the group to achieve the corporate goals. He is willing to allow other to take over if he sees that that person can do a better job, with no hard feelings nor pretence. Leading by Compromise is necessary when the team consists


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