Leadership Theories

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Leadership History Tatiana M. Castaneda Vasquez Regent University



When power no longer guarantees the success, leadership becomes essential. In search of understand the secret behind outstanding leadership, history has created and revealed leadership theories, starting with Great Man approach, the identification of Trait and Characteristics, and later shifting to Behavior Theory, fomenting Contingency and Influence Models, concluding with Emerging Leadership. When environmental and societal changes occurred, the approaches were modified as scholar attempt of interpreting society and the impact that leaders have in history.



Historical Evolution
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These relationships can be Transformational- developing followers into leaders (Burns 1978)- or Servant – considering the interests of others before personal desires (Greenleaf, 1970).

LEADERSHIP HISTORY Emerging Leadership Theories


The global demands obligate leaders to interpret change as expected; “Leading Change has always been an essential part of leadership but many of the earlier theories paid little attention to change behavior” (Yukl, Gordon, & Taber, 2002). Change can, and will, produce profitable results through the collective revision of a shared vision and mission. The new perspective, views the leader as a facilitator, instead of an authoritarian guide. Conclusion The evolution of leadership theories has allowed the development of new, interrelated approaches that adapt to contemporary global conditions. This new paradigm becomes the hope of a culture of performance, trust and integrity (Daft, 2005) while promoting the shunned reality that developing personal leadership abilities is no longer sufficient: “The best leaders are those who are deeply interested in others and can bring out the best in them” (Charam & Colvin, 1999, p. 68-78). Since these principles are a constant in Christian leadership based on Biblical values, it is imperative and relevant for Christian leaders to provide direction treasuring and applying change and crisis management, empowerment,


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