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Q1: From your perspective, based on the video and articles for this activity, how did GE create a growth culture important and what are the keys to being an innovative organization? Please explain each.
Ans: For an organization to continually grow, innovation must be embedded in its culture. Innovation is a behavior that is required to be a part of every employee’s job. This necessitates an organization to present its employees with platforms wherein they can express their ideas such as the LIG program, as in the case of General Electric, to deliberate organic growth day in and day out. Innovation is effectively advertized in an organization where managers individually and collectively lead by example by way of their behavior, their
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The new CEO laid out a three part strategy which was to enhance the core of the company, extend business by extending services, and extend market both geographically and by serving new customers. Home Depot overcame the challenge of modulating their culture by way of replacing the pre-existing entrepreneurial environment with a more disciplined environment. A heavy corporate work culture was introduced wherein accountability and performance was valued. Changes were made based on data and market surveys, and metrics were brought in which emphasized new cultural priorities. New processes were laid out to integrate the transformations and the new culture into the organization such as weekly status conference calls. Programs to help employees understand the reason for change so as to increase the support for the change were also initiated, and finally a structure was created to sustain and maintain the new culture without jeopardizing the company’s current functioning. Essentially, new changes were introduced however at the same time existing good practices were continued. Nardelli encouraged his employees to view it as a work in progress that would need constant modification. As mentioned in the paper, external forces require a company to constantly change and a successful culture possesses a methodology that assists the


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