Htc Case Study

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Question 1
Read the attached HTC case: Peter Chou and Cher Wang want to make HTC into the leading smart phone company in the world. What kind of strategic actions are needed to achieve this goal?
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HTC start up as a professional original engineering manufacture company (OEM) for PDA and other computer parts in 1999. While it changes its core business from PDA to smart phones, it discovered an opportunity of developing its own brand. In 2007, it brands itself into HTC while introducing the “TOUCH” series. This paper discusses the theory of global strategy for individual organizations and the necessary strategic actions for HTC in order to transfer itself into a leading smart phone company in the
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HTC believed that without some sort of brand, the international growth will be limited. In May 2007 HTC announced the HTC brand and officially entered the global brand strategy and distribution. There are two important keys in terms of developing a brand: to have highly innovative and differentiated products and the other is a global business capacity. In the beginning of 2010, HTC was named by “FAST COMPANY” magazine (2010) as the 31st world's most innovative enterprises and No. 2 in consumer electronics category. There is no doubt that HTC is highly innovative but people still have doubt whether HTC has the global business capacity and how quickly can they establish this?

Marketing is another major concern as HTC lacked the scale and budget to launch an aggressive world wide publicity blitz like LG and Samsung does. In response, HTC decided to establish a brand operation center. The focus of this operation center is to build an infrastructure platform within the company in order to accommodate its international marketing. In 2009, HTC unveiled a new series of brand position campaigns; “Quietly Brilliant” with global advertising “YOU” campaign, they also sponsored the annual “Tour de France” and the “Wallpaper Design Awards”, these actions help to uplift the HTC brand awareness to the worldwide customers .

In 2010, HTC also appointed new chief of strategy officer, chief products officer and


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