Design and Culture

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Design and Culture Abstract: Uses "Design" in a different way; but one must add that a universal language is being constructed daily. design is understood here as a phenomenon which affects everybody. design is characterized by a dual alliance with both mass production and mass consumption and that these two phenomena have determined nearly all its manifestations .Industry unconsciously evolved its own aesthetic, and this aesthetic was from the beginning one which intelligent designers, whatever their background, tried to obey .
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Now that "Design" is understood from Tokyo to Moscow, from Buenos Aires to
Montreal, it is obvious that each country according to its
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These two models of industry coexist in this century and have different implications for the meaning of design. An important sub-theme is the way in which the aesthetic of designed artefacts has swung repeatedly backwards and forwards from production to consumption as sources of metaphorical inspiration. While this book concentrates on design as it has come to be defined and understood since the advent of mechanization, and emphasizes those themes which have made it part of recent history, it is also important to remember that the concept has an earlier history which is largely responsible for the way we comprehend it today. Design has always been one aspect of a larger process - whether of manufacturing, in the craft or mechanized sense, or, from the consumer's point of view, of participating in social or economic life - and its definition has, from the moment the word entered the English language, been in a state of constant flux due, primarily, to the changes in the social-economic framework which has sustained it. Thus the difference between a seventeenth-century-pattern maker and a modem industrial designer is less one of the nature of their respective creative activities than of the economic, technological and


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