Apple vs. Google

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Negotiation Thesis:
Analysis of Tech Battle: Apple vs. Google

Table of Content 1. Apple vs. Google abstract 1.1 Conditions in the mobile industry 1.2 Apple’s industry statues and iOS strategy 1.3 Google’s industry statues and Android strategy 1.4 Apple vs. Google: Stakes and conflicts

2. The Negotiation 2.1 Steve Jobs’ personal interest 2.2 Apple vs. Google: Historical relationship between the parties 2.3 Apple’s first negotiation move

3. Negotiation Failed 3.1 Steve Jobs: Thermonuclear war with Google 3.2 Coopetition

4. Current Situation

5. Conclusion

I. References

1. Apple vs. Google case abstract
This Thesis describes the critical battleground and conflicts, identifies the
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As a result, Microsoft kicked Apple out of the desktop software marketplace. Would something similar happen with iOS and Android? As a matter of his personal interest, he has no will to see that happen again in his life. This is also one of the reasons of Jobs outrage against Android’s existence. 3.6 Apple vs. Google: Historical relationship between the parties
In 2001, when Google was a three-year-old start-up, its co-founders met Steve Jobs and wanted him to become Google’s CEO. But Steve was already the CEO of Apple and just developed the iconic iPod, Jobs refused this offer and took young Larry Page and Sergey Brin under his wing and mentored them. Steve Jobs was excited by the opportunity of connecting with a business whose activities were entirely complementary to Apple’s – there seemed to be no competitive overlap.
In 2004, Apple started development of the iPhone in secrecy. In August 2005, Google quietly bought the Android start-up, when no one outside of Apple was supposed to know the iPhone project.
Apple launched the iPhone in January of 2007. 11 months later, in November of 2007, Google presented video about Android phone, which heavily resembled the look and feel of the iPhone and equipped with many of Apple’s signature inventions.
Steve Jobs felt that he had been betrayed by the two young men he had been attempting to mentor. He felt the trust between two companies had been violated, he also felt that Google had stolen


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