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Table 1_Seven Cs Company | Strengths | 1.1-First mover advantage: attracting more conservative users(1)1.2-Passes Google as the most popular site(2)1.3-Huge market share: 845m users; Leading photo sharing site: more that 14 million photos uploaded daily(3,4)1.4-Most innovative company beating Google and Apple, offering popular platform for apps developers(5,6,7)1.5-Available in over 70 languages(8) | | Weaknesses | 1.6-Safety & Privacy issues: user accounts hacked and misused, users quit(9,10)1.7-Too dependent on Zynga: 12% revenue 2011 of games & virtual goods, a significant number of pages generated by Zynga applications(11,12)1.8-Shut down because of Islam cultural clashes, blocked because of conservative moral …show more content…

her sites(54)2.14-HTC: a device for Facebook’s mobile strategy(53) | | Suppliers | 2.15-Dell: providing infrastructure servers for a cloud computing project(39)2.16-Intel: supplying server technologies(40) | Other Innovation | 2.17-Continuing innovation & Privacy issues(45,56)2.18-Gifts & Credit cards: virtual currency enabling fast and easy transactions across games on Facebook(46)2.19-Virtual goods: purchase of virtual goods on social gaming applications(47) | Interconnectivity | 2.20-Facebook platform: serving 1 billion Likes on the web in 24 hours, users sharing over 25 billion things a month(48)2.21-Element of internet ecosystem: “Like button” & “Open Graphs”(59)2.22-Risk: Zynga breaking away and a new “”(49) | Related and Supporting Infrastructures | 2.23-Larger user base: 845m users 2011(61)2.24-Finance: $240m investment of Microsoft & $5b IPO 2012(62,63)2.25-IT Infrastructure: Linux system, MySQL database, PHP programming language(64)2.26-Web 2: new Internet tools and technologies(30)2.27-Mobile technologies and devices(53)2.28-OSN sites developing software: easy to build, low barrier to entry(31) | Other Stakeholders - Shareholders | 2.29-Current shareholders(top 3): Mark Zuckerberg-28.4%, Jim Breyer & Accel Partners-11.4%, Dustin Moskovitz-7.6%(41)2.30-IPO: raise $5billion, new legal requirements & shareholders, dilution of control(25,50) |
Table 3_B-M Canvas Key Partners:3.1-Microsoft: $240m (1.6%) investment; a new service


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