Ansoff Matrix on Apple

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soff MatMarket Penetration:
-The signature product that made Apple, Apple, was the Macintosh. It first had a famous Television Advertisement in the US in 1984 introducing its signature product the Macintosh. This was led by Anya Major who was chased by agents of Thought Police, threw a sledgehammer into the screen of big brother David Graham. At the end, it says, “Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.” This screen of big brother David Graham supposedly represented IBM, but the production crew says that it is not exactly the case. This could be a really good ad because it's a very catchy commercial, and these people were famous at this time. This would attract people to buy this product because
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As of 2007, the iPod has a market share of 72.7%. This was a

-One example for diversification is the iPhone. This venture is a whole new thing. It means a new market, and a new product. Apple started with electronic gadgets such as computers and electronics for music, but recently, they captured a new market, with an outstanding product. In the survey of the mobile phones in 2012, iPhone itself compared to all other phones, has a market share of 23%, which followed by Android that has 59% market share. This was the first mobile phone of apple which was released in 2007, and has a big market share already. This just means that the risk was a risk worth taking, because it became really famous. Now that the iPhone 5 is coming out, people are eager to buy it. The iPhone is truly a successful product out in the market today. Conclusion:
It is very obvious that the strategies of the late Steve Jobs of Apple, has been really successful in terms of company growth. Last year, the year 2012, Apple's revenue was at a shocking $27.28 billion. This just affirms that their ways of growing was really effective. Based on market capitalization, apple has is still the most valuable company on earth. Its stocks is currently worth $626 ±$5 as of today and has a total of 900.68 million shares outstanding, making them the most valuable company on earth as of 2012. They still continue to have advertisements and the interest of the consumers are maintained, and they constantly


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