Business Level Strategy of Samsung

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Business level strategy of Samsung
Samsung Group (Samsung, 2016) is the largest group or the giant in Korea. Samsung Electronics is the biggest subsidiary of it, which initiated in 2011. A Korean consolidated company generates an average income of $ 150 billion every year. Samsung Electronics has 144 consolidated subsidiaries which 28 were recently combined at the end of 2014. Samsung Electronics contains three core divisions:
• Device Solutions, a Business to Business (B2B) division handling semiconductors, various other chips and also Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and other components..
• Digital Media & Communications (DM&C) is primarily a Business to Consumer (B2C) Company making computers, television sets and phones
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Focused differentiation strategy (quickmba, 2016) deal goods or services for particular niche purchasers with special and something deferent than rivals that hard to copy or match conveniently. In this approach discover methods to set apart that produce value for particular or niche consumers. Strategy gives narrow target with individuality product.

Samsung Mobiles
Samsung’s Mobile communication device division often mentioned as Samsung Mobiles, widely practiced both cost leadership & differentiation strategies.
Mobile technological business unit at Samsung Electronics represents its advancement as well as excellent efficiency. That's shown by yearly sales of greater than 400 million mobile phones worldwide, sustained by its fantastic cellphone modern technology. Their telecom devices in addition to choices powers the worldwide growth of 4G. And also digital imaging innovation enhances individual's lives, not just by capturing unique minutes nonetheless also by allowing memories to be shared immediately. The entire section and also its strategies could be identified from the sector's business level technique.

Low price
Compared with the other leading mobile phone manufactures like Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola and Chinese brands Samsung seems and proved its unbeatable price ranges and quality devices year by year. Apple’s high


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