Executive Training

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Executive Training Inc.
Case 2
Applied Marketing

Table of Content

Executive Summary

Problem Statement

Situation Analysis:
Part 1-Industry Analysis
Part 2-Competitor Analysis
Part 3-Company Analysis
Part 4-Customer Analysis
Part 5-Planning Assumption

Summary of Situation Analysis


Decision Criteria's

Alternative Analysis

Planning Assumptions

Alternatives (Financials)

Choice and Rationale


Executive summary

Executive Training Inc. is a successful firm providing marketing and sales training for agricultural companies. Tom Jackson, president and owner of ETI (Executive training inc.) started the business 17 years ago. Due to the rapid expansion of internet use, Tom
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However, the markets they serve were both offered to clients in Canada and United States, making it a very large customer base with an even greater amount of competitors. According to the case, eLearners.com would be one of the indirect competitors along with Globewide Network Academy, World Wide Learn and University of Phoenix. Simply called indirect in the sense that they all provide some types of online education programs or links to other learning opportunities but none had any focus around the agribusiness. The Nationale Agri-Marketing Association is more of an opportunity to be used as a medium to advertise ETI online distance courses. With that being said, ETI has a great opportunity growth simply because there is an unidentified need for this service, and when customers will become aware of it, demand will certainly work towards ETI's advantage and lead to further development.

Barriers to entry in this industry however are very low since ETI has not created a monopoly yet on such training, reasons for this are its reputation due to little to no marketing is not large enough, and its lack of capital. Startup costs, although seemingly risky to ETI, do not represent a huge enough risk to a company with enough capital to


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