Hrm/326 Employee Development

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HRM/326 Employee Development

Training is an important aspect of all organizations. Although an individual brings to the organization a specific set of skills and knowledge, it is important that these individuals be consistently developed to ensure growth of the employee and the organization. A method to ensure that training programs are successful and are meeting objectives is to conduct assessments. Assessments can help managers and the organization better understand their employees and who can be developed. In addition, it is a way to find out who cannot be developed and may no longer fit with the organization.
Importance of Assessments
Assessments are important to employee development because they measure the employees’ job
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Coaches should be able to motivate the employees they are coaching.
As a coach the individual should understand the goals of the organization and what the direction of the business is headed in. They should identify the skills that are needed to achieve the company goals. Managers might avoid coaching their employees if they are aware that the employee has not completed the required job training. They should avoid coaching their employees if they realize the employees do not know what is expected of them. Managers should also avoid coaching employees if they do not set the proper time aside to so do. Coaching is usually ineffective if the employee knows that not enough time has been set aside to properly communicate with their manager. In addition, a manager should not conduct a coaching session if they are unprepared, preoccupied with other concerns or be in a negative mood. It sends an incorrect message to the employee that the manager is not truly invested in their development.
Organizational Universities
There are advantages and disadvantages to organizations developing their own universities for training their own employees. “Weighing the pros and cons of each and deciding on an approach for your company is an important decision for your organization’s future” (Burley, 2013). An advantage to developing their own university for training is that the training is designed to reflect the specific needs of their company. The organization is able