The Merger of Two Competing Hospitals

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The Merger of Two Competing Hospitals
August 1, 2010
As per your request I have created an action plan to resolve the issues that could affect the efficient merge of PRMC and BRMC. This memo shows how to best resolve leadership, culture adaptation, human resource management and benefits issues.

What specific steps should the board take to create an executive team to manage the newly created organization?
- To follow the merger plan, the transitional executive team including the previous CEO of PRMC and the newly elected 15 member hospital board, should be given interim positions for the next 3 years to effectively facilitate and complete the merger. The team will deal with
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Future volumes should be determined through a consensus-based strategic planning process where there is agreement on future service volumes.
- Next step is to create job descriptions for every position within Portsmith Regional Medical Center. Position descriptions should be created through joint efforts of line managers and human resources staff. Once recruitment needs are made known by line managers, it is the responsibility of HR to follow the appropriate procedure to fill these positions. In this case only internal candidates will be considered, only people employed either by BRMC or PRMC. After streamlining (re-hiring) they will be considered Portsmith Regional Medical Center employees.
- Some of the positions might require training to meet the needs of the new job descriptions. In order to meet the high-tech services offered by the merged organization, skill level of existing staff needs to be developed rapidly in order to perform in a more technically-advanced environment. For example the nursing staff ratio needs to be changed to a 60:40% RN to LPN (as opposed to 70% to 30% RN) ratio as rapidly as possible.
- A plan should be developed that would identify the specific training needs for the newly defined job descriptions. It can be accomplished either by organization-wide needs assessment or by managers communicating training needs in their


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