AMBA 610-9243 - Manager as a Critical Thinker Triad Insurance Co

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The Manager as a Critical Thinker
Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis
Asking the Right Questions

AMBA 610-9243
Professor Courtney Anderson

The Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis Memo

What are the issues and conclusions?:

On October 4, 2010, Ms. Denise Khali, Vice President of Human Resources sent a memo to Mr. Robert Shaw, CEO, of Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis (TICI) regarding a leadership development program for junior insurance executives for future advancement. This proposal was created by Mr. Clarke, Director of Operations at TICI, who proposed a three-week long program at the Aspen Leadership Institute of Colorado for a training opportunity for the junior insurance
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In the article written by Von Johnson (2005), he wrote that "developing a breakthrough leadership program focuses on giving participants the opportunity to learn new habits through the process. " "We're convinced that developing leaders at every level of the organization through leadership training programs grows your next great leader." (2005, Johnson) Many companies believe today that it is wise to invest in a leadership training program to begin training the next level of leadership for the future. What may have worked in the past will most likely not work in the future completely. As
Alexandra De Felica (2010), notes that a good leader has self-awareness, self-management, social skills, empathy and experience. Ms. Khali believes a leader is born with such traits however most believe that the traits of a great leader are learned and developed over time with mentoring and training.
What are the value and Descriptive Assumptions?: Ms. Khali noted in the memo that the reasons for a great leader they must possess traits such as height along with personality. While noting the height of great leaders as a must have trait, Ms. Khali stated all of TICI leaders are six foot or taller with the exception of Mr. Clarke. She focused on criticizing Mr. Clarke for allowing liberal motives to cloud his judgment of what it takes to become a great leader and leadership