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Executive Summary 3
Identification 4 Past and Current Strategies 4 Problem Identification 4
Analysis and Evaluation 5 External Analysis 5 Key Industry Factors 6 Five Forces Analysis 6 Internal Analysis 8 Financial Analysis 9 SWOT Analysis 9 Corporate and Functional Strategies 11
Alternatives 13 Decision Criteria: 13 Alternatives 13 Alternative 1 – Forming Alliances or Partnerships with International Brands in New Countries 13 Alternative 2 – Expand Culture and Training Programs to Ensure Cultural Compatibility 14 Alternative 3 – Aggressive Marketing Campaign and Staff Recruitment and Retention Program 15
Recommendation and Action Plan 15
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Shangri-La was a regionally focused business that is now expanding into an international deluxe hotel group. Even with expansion to other parts of the world, Shangri-La remains focused on the Asia-Pacific region, in particular China. With China relaxation of travel restrictions coupled with rising urban incomes, Chinese domestic and outbound travel was booming. International travel was also increasing especially with the announcement of Beijing hosting the 2008 Olympics and the World Expo. Shangri-La plans to capitalize on China’s economic advancement.

The company manages five-star deluxe hotels under the name Shangri-La for customers who want personalized guest service. They also manage four-star hotels under the name Traders- a sister brand established to deliver high value, mid-range, and quality accommodation to the business traveler.

Key Industry Factors

Key Opportunities

• Global market place that is growing at a rapid pace • China’s booming economy and increased tourism and relaxed internal travel restrictions • Increased travel due to Beijing Olympic games and World Expo

Key Success Factors

• Build brand awareness in Western Countries and expand brand awareness in Asia • Ability to adapt service model to different cultures • Retention of trained


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