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Mentoring Assignments level 7
The abilities and performance characteristics of effective leaders are appraised.
In 1992 Sir Peter dela Billiere was quoted as Strenght of personality is always likely to be part of the DNA of top leaders. He based this around his research around military structure throughout history ,sir Peter was throughout his career an very well respected Military officer who has spoken at many Buiness conventions on leadership .
(Hooper and Potter2000 ;Hodgson 2004) argue that the small percentage could be increased through appropriate development and more self awareness.
I John Adair book Fundamentals of Leadership 2005 he suggest that originations should focus on strategic aspects of leadership .He was able to
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They categorized all leadership styles into four behavior types, which they named S1 to S4: * S1: Telling – is characterized by one-way communication in which the leader defines the roles of the individual or group and provides the what, how, when, and where to do the task * S2: Selling – while the leader is still providing the direction, he or she is now using two-way communication and providing the socioemotional support that will allow the individual or group being influenced to buy into the process. * S3: Participating – this is now shared decision making about aspects of how the task is accomplished and the leader is providing less task behaviors while maintaining high relationship behavior. * S4: Delegating – the leader is still involved in decisions; however, the process and responsibility has been passed to the individual or group. The leader stays involved to monitor progress.
Of these, no one style is considered optimal for all leaders to use all the time. Effective leaders need to be flexible, and must adapt themselves according to the situation.

The basic theory was to identify four theory’s of leadership style in order obtain a task focused relationship to strategies within an axes created by a two by two ,four cell matrix .

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