Hybrid Model of Crisis

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Hybrid Model of Crisis
Monique Reed, Veretta Smith, Crystal Castro, and Quincee Burks
April 3, 2015
Alysha Mccuistion

Hybrid Model of Crisis
A crisis is said to be difficult to cope with, and it comes from a past or present event an individual may be dealing with. This can cause the individual to lose focus on life, depression, and intolerable difficulty wanting to do anything. An individual will have difficulty completing present and future goals if they do not have the right resources and support to assist them with moving on. This paper will demonstrate how Human services professionals use Hybrid model of crisis intervention to help lead their client in the right positive direction. Human service
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Problem Exploration: Second interventionists listen to Geri and ask questions that did not go too far in to Geri’s history to get all the details to define the crisis and to let her feel like she had an alley on her side. By using questions like “can you tell me more about that”, “well, what are they saying” and then by paraphrasing what Geri had said? Providing Support: Third the interventionists provided psychological support and informational support for Geri. The psychological support was provided when they used statements like “I can tell you’re very upset, and you’re very frustrated, a lot of it concerning keep getting called by the school.” Next they provided informational support by offering to write a letter to the counselor with Geri. Examining Alternatives: Fourth after suggesting writing a letter to the counselor the interventionist examines Geris alternatives by asking her what she would like to write in the letter to the counselor. When Geri states comments that would not help her situation they suggest that it could affect her negatively. Then work on phrases that would help her not come across so negatively. Planning in order to reestablish control: Finally, Geri’s plan to reestablish control included writing a letter at home, and then returning to the interventionist to go over it with them. As well as scheduling an


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