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Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a worldwide group of oil, gas and petrochemical companies that explores for, produces and trades in a range of energy resources. Royal Dutch Shell also has a broad portfolio of hydrogen, biofuels, wind and solar power interests, and also provides consultancy and technical services as well as research and development expertise to the energy industry. Royal Dutch Shell is active in more than 130 countries and territories, and employs 108,000 people worldwide. Governance Shell’s Business Principles guide the company's operations: • Economic • Health, Safety, Security and the Environment • Competition • Local Communities • Business Integrity • Communication and Engagement • Political Activities •
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This process may include consideration of Shell’s global risk matrix, but project teams are more likely to bring in experts to brainstorm specific risks and issues that they might face if this project goes ahead rather than apply the full global risk matrix. There are decision points in the business development process where specific reporting requirements ensure that the global HSE perspective is brought to bear on decisions. For business development in the upstream business (Exploration and Production), there are significant steps and tools that integrate SD elements into decision-making, such as opportunity framing and SD workshops, impact assessment processes, country entry reports, and checklists that integrate SD considerations. These tools allow managers to frame options, identify issues, prepare a work plan, mitigate risks, and develop business opportunities. The functional objective of Shell’s Contracting and Procurement Division is to help the company achieve its SD objectives through the management of issues such as contractor safety and local content, which looks at whether Shell has an opportunity to add value in the local economies in which it is working. These issues are managed as an integrated part of doing business, which includes checkpoints in the contracting and procurement process, and the expectation that these issues would be explicitly addressed in contracting strategies. Royal Dutch Shell – Sustainability Integration Case Study



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