Importance of Theory

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Importance of Theory: Patricia Benner's From Novice to Expert
NR-501: Theoretical Basis Advance Nursing
July 18, 2014
Importance of Theory: Patricia Benner's From Novice to Expert
Such as the human race itself, the profession of nursing as evolved tremendously over time. In the early stages of nursing, nursing practice was based on traditions and values that were passed down through an internship model of education .The profession was completely dependent upon absolute medical directions; however, the profession has developed into an independent practice modality with its own models and nursing theories (Alligood, 2010, p. 3).
Higgins and Shirley (2000) details four levels of nursing theory that has been
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Boswell and Cannon (2013) defines the novice level as the “show me what to do and I will do it” methodology. At this level, the learner has little to no experience. Next, the learner enters into the advance beginner stage. At this stage, Benner suggest the learner has acquired one to two years of experience, applying prior experiences to real clinical situations. The nurse become competent after having two to three years of experience; at this stage the nurse has set long term goals in place. Next, the nurse progresses to the proficient level. At this stage, the nurse pulls from previous experiences, adjusts current decisions, and makes a more holistic approach in caring for their patients. Finally, with an enormous background of experiences, the expert no longer counts on rules or guidelines to determine their clinical actions.
Likewise, Benner’s Novice to Expert model can be applied to health education in nursing. Nursing practice continues to evolve with increasing specialization, increased technology demands, and greater supervising and coordinating responsibilities. Benner’s model is congruent with the American Nurse Association (2012) claim that nurses move from novice to expert when diploma prepared or associate degree nurses pursue added skill sets advancing


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