Est 1 Task 2

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An ethics department is vital to any company. The ethics department ensures that the policies, procedures, laws, and safety regulations are being followed. If an employee has a concern in any of the aforementioned areas, Company X asks that you speak to someone in the Human Resources department or call the employee hotline at 1-800-555-5555 to report any concerns anonymously.

Here at Company X we strive for success using a set of ethical standards that will ensure peak employee performance as well as employee satisfaction at the company. We strive for excellence via training and employee education on policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

Company X can only be as successful as their employees. For employee success,
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Monitor, Audit and Report

For Company X and all of their employees to be successful all parties must agree with the code of ethics and follow them religiously. As part of employment at company X, we ask that all employees take an active role in watching for ethical misconduct. If any such misconduct should be found, we ask that you report the misconduct to anyone in a supervisory position. It is a supervisor’s duty to be aware of their employees as much as possible. All management must look into all reports of misconduct. This does not mean that the supervisor must be watching all employees at all times. This can be done by walking the floor where staff is or having weekly staff meetings and open door policies will help the supervisors catch ethical issues before they potentially become legal issues. Company X also welcomes employee reports of ethical misconduct, in fact, we encourage such reports. If the entire staff at company X becomes proactive with stopping ethical issues, the company, as a whole, will be a better place to work and will be more productive. Employee misconduct can be reported in many different ways. An employee can make a supervisor aware of the ethical issue, report the issue to the anonymous tip line, or speak to anyone in a supervisory position. All employees are safe from retaliation for reporting such issues to supervisory staff at Company X. If there is a violation and an employee is not receptive to the supervisor


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