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Because Company Q is a small, local grocery store in a major metropolitan area it can at times be very over whelming. Big chain stores are putting family owned stores out of business on a constant basis. This reason, along with social responsibility taking hold of companies, brought on by consumers demanding that companies adjust their thinking from a profit-seeking standpoint to being socially and ethically understanding to all consumers in their business ventures.
Recently, due to decrease, in sales Company Q had to close two stores in high crime rate areas. Those closures where due to the result of months of losses in profits from those two stores. If those stores, in higher-crime areas were
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The potential negative feedback of such an event for a small chain like Company Q could prove to be very devastating.
The above concern dealt with not just the direct financial costs to the company but the possible social loss within the community. If a patron were to possibly find out that Company Q, chose to dispose of the out dated product instead of donating it to the food bank could potentially become a bad rumor though out the community. Creating even more headache and possibly even more business loss for the company not only at this store but in all their stores.
Thankfully, Company Q doesn't need to expend much in the way of gratuitous or employee effort to make a considerable change within the community. There are several different remedies as to alleviate the question of whether Company Q can trust their employees are not. One way, could be the possibility that of, a volunteer from the food bank pick up the outdated product that would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the workday and transport it to the local food bank. Another way would be to have management deliver the product to the food bank, by doing it this way would really show that the management is really involved with the community and cares about the needs of those that have