International Management

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Question 1:
Evaluate the selection of negotiators from Canada Timber. Were any mistakes made in the selection?
Answer 1:
The success of international business relationships depends on effective business negotiations. Negotiators need to be well prepared. Understanding how to achieve international business negotiation outcomes and the factors relevant to the process will allow negotiators to be more successful. Negotiation is an inherent part of being in business. Negotiating is an acquired skill, but is very important part of your role as an entrepreneur.

4 Negotiators from Canada Timber went to Japan for Business negotiation,Tim Wilder-CEO of Canada Timber,John Sharkey-an attorney,Bill Hudak-production supervisor and Kevin
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Understanding this is critical in the negotiation process. In Japan it may be considered rude to say no or turn someone down. (
2. Body Language. When indicating “me” in conversation, Canadians point to their chest rather than their nose. When indicating for you to come to them, Canadians will wave you toward them with their hand palm up rather than palm down. If you wave someone over with your palm down, they may confuse this to mean that you’re trying to wave them away.

3. Silence. Japanese people tend to be silent when thinking in conversation. Canadians, on the other hand, hedging sounds like “Hmm...” or start a sentence without finishing it (i.e. “Let me think...” or “Let’s see...”). If you don’t use any hedging language like this, you may find that Canadians will rush to fill what they see as an awkward silence, not knowing that you’re actually thinking and have something to say.

4.Business cards. In Japan, business cards are called meishi. Japanese give and receive meishi with both hands. It should be printed in your home language on one side and Japanese on the other. Present the card with the Japanese language side up. Take special care in handling cards that are given to you. Do not write on the card. Do not put the card in you


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