Campus Area Wireless Network Proposal

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This proposal recommends the implementation of Project CAWN (Campus Area Wireless Network) at the University Teknologi Mara, Kelantan branch. The following information and recommendations are necessary for the university to stay on the cutting-edge of today’s campus technology


The Information Technology Department, UiTM Kelantan has indicated that wireless access improvements are important to students. Specifically, both the 2008/2009 & 2009/2010 surveys reports show the expansion of the wireless service requiring attention. This trend is expected to continue as the proliferation of students with mobile devices increases.

Currently, the internet
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Guests and visitors would be considered as a third category of users that would access the general use wireless LANs but could have specific restrictions placed upon their network access. Other categories of access can be defined and accommodated including classroom access and emergency operations.

In order to provide the required security and flexible authentication services, network components must be capable of supporting encryption, 802.1x authentication and multiple VLANs. The current “wired” data network has the bandwidth capacity to support the widespread deployment of wireless access points throughout the campus and has the features required to the deliver multiple VLANs to wireless network components but does not have the capability to provide encryption services. Leveraging the current capabilities of the wired network while providing the required wireless services is best accomplished through the use of wireless access points that provide encryption. The use of “smart” wireless access points for managed wireless services provides the range of flexibility needed to support general access and department specific access needs.

Managed wireless access points will meet IET specifications and will be capable of supporting multiple VLANs, 802.1x authentication and rotating WEP encryption keys. One


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