Marketing Communication Creative Brief and Imc Plan

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Content Page Executive Summary 3 1. Situation Analysis 3 1.1 Internal Analysis 3 1.2 External Analysis 4 1.3 SWOT 4 2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity 5 2.1 Marketing Problem 5 2.2 Marketing Opportunity 5 3. Marketing Objectives 5 4. Positioning 6 5. Communication Objectives 7 6. Campaign Budget 8 6.1 Budgeted Costs 9 7. Campaign Target Audience 11 7.1 Brand Loyalty 11 7.2 Creative Targets 12 7.3 Behavioural Sequence Model (BSM) 13 8. Choice of Media 14 8.1 Traditional Advertising 14 i. TV Commercials 14 ii. Magazines for Young Women (Print Advertisements) 14 iii. Commercials in Cinemas 15 iv. Road Shows 15 v. Billboards/ Decals on MRT Stations 15 vi. Skin Analysis Booth in Health & …show more content…

The marketing campaign will also strive to cultivate new habits from both current and new users to start using Olay Total Effect from young, to prevent and fight signs of aging. This can only be done when Olay by establishing new customer relationships, as well as to maintain existing loyal customer base. The campaign also enhances brand recall from loyal customers who exhibit repeat purchase behavior.

4. Positioning

SK2 High Benefits Low Price | Olay
Bio Essence


High Price | Biore

Garnier | | Low Benefits

In order to have a better understanding of the Olay Total Effect’s positioning market, a perceptual mapping is done in accordance to the perception of the consumers. Olay has positioned itself as the skincare brand, which was supported by scientifically proven chemistry. It targets the real women whom want to see the results without having to spend a lot on other departmental stores’ products and spa treatments. This map aids to the understanding of the products view by customers especially women who are more beauty conscious and price conscious; gaps in the market and it helps to identify the closest competitors.

It is identified that Olay Total Effects are of higher price and superior benefits compared


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