Senate Reform

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DUE: JUNE 6TH 2011

Teacher: Mr. Griem

Should the Canadian Senate be left alone, reformed or abolished?

By: Shakir M. Lakhani SECTION 4

Final Civics Essay
June 6th, 2011
Shakir M. Lakhani
Topic: Senate Reform

Do you feel your government is fair? Does it manage the issues properly, with careful thought, and an open, objective mind? Is it effective? Do you feel that the Senate is a “sober chamber of second thought?” Do you feel that the best interests of the Canadian public are always preserved in the current model of our governance? If so, you’re mistaken. Under our present governance, we have two houses, the House of Commons, and the Senate, the reform to the latter being the main topic of
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In the Commonwealth tradition, the Senate would primarily play a revising role, although its power was that of absolute veto. The lower chamber would be elected on the principle of representation by population” – The Canadian Constitution

It is quite clear that, in most cases, the benefits of retaining the Senate would far outweigh the disadvantages, though; the present model in Canada does not offer this, and the Canadian public at large may or may not agree with this.

In light of the above, the challenge is, how does one focus on a system of reform that does not entail abolishment?
The Fathers of Confederation created the Senate for two reasons, which were to provide a balance to the democratically elected House of Commons, and to protect regional interests, which especially concerns regions like Quebec nowadays.
Thereby, it is necessary to address the Senate Reform in Canada by a systemic adaptation of the Triple-E Senate. Under this model,

We must:


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