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1. Doreen Pope

2. Education: Doing bad and feeling good

3. Dance cards

4. Language and literature

5. Inflation


by Mary Loudon (The Independent Magazine, 20 August 1994) 1. Practically no one reading this will have heard of Miss Pope. Her greatness is not obvious and it has never been documented, but she is my hero nevertheless. This year she retires after a lifetime’s teaching, the last 25 years of which has been spent as a junior-school headmistress in Wantage, Oxfordshire. I was brought up in Wantage, and between the ages of eight and 11 I attended her school. 2. Miss Pope is a strong and wholesome woman. Tall, well-built and cosy with it, she was consistently cheerful without being too jolly or
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bewildering |
|4) |insatiable |d. undersized |
|5) |suffocating |e. equipment |
|6) |baffling |f. guilty |
|7) |to be stunted |g. strong |
|8) |affinity |h. relationship |
|9) |adolescence |i. not noticeable |
|10) |accoutrements |j. not friendly |
|11) |delinquent |k. choking |
|12) |burly |l. uproarious |
|13) |hapless |m. young age |

2. Use an English-English dictionary to differentiate the following pairs of words:
|obvious – evident, manifest; |a marvel – a