Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in a Workplace
Discrimination are more common in workplaces, because some people only think of discrimination as making a distinction and judgment of a person based on color of skin. Discrimination goes far beyond color of skin. A person can be disseminated agonist for their age, disability, gender, religion, or even for being pregnant. In a workplace there are standards and policies in place to decrease the chances of a person being discriminated against. When the staff is diverse in a workplace, discrimination less likely to happen. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicates that it is “illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person’s race, color, religion, sex, national
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It is important for human service mangers and others who make decision to be aware of the effects of their practices (book). Their practices could either make the organization more effective and receptive, or continue discrimination against, women, elderly people, color people, and others (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2012).
There are many strategies involved in risk management. One strategy is human resources being accountable and responsible for providing information and recommendations about local, state and federal laws pertaining to equity and human rights, including an affirmative action place (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2012). When human resource management are aware of their practices, human service organizations less likely to have cases of discrimination in the workplace. Another strategy is providing training in diversity and equity to increase knowledge and understanding of critical issues, improve job-related skills, develop leadership, and ensure responsive, sensitive support for individuals (Workplace Diversity Plan, 2014). Diversity within the workplace are paramount for human service workers and for management of human service organizations, because human service organizations can offer services to a more diverse community with staff, who are culturally competent. This makes them able


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