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Running Head: MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan

IT Strategic Solutions – MMT2 Task 2

Communication Plan
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MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan


A. Communication Plan for Implementing Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
The SWOT analysis conducted on AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure revealed some threats and opportunities that must be properly addressed in order to prepare the company for the planned expansion into the east coast. One of the threats identified was the vulnerability of the wireless network. The proposed technology initiative determined as the solution to the problem is to implement an adaptive wireless intrusion prevention system. As discovered in the SWOT
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One crucial piece of information that must be communicated is the potential for interruption of service to existing clients during the upgrade and any mitigating procedures enacted to minimize that disruption. Representatives of the various clients could also be invited to attend an open forum conducted via a webinar to give their input and ask questions about the potential for the proposed upgrade to interfere with or improve their capabilities on the company’s platform. A memo from the office of the CEO would also be a tool used to communicate the rational for the upgrade to clients and partners.
Clients, partners and other vendors who are interested in understanding how the changes directly impacts them, would be given a dedicated phone number that they can call to discuss with internal account managers specifics about their accounts and any potential impact they may have as a result of the upgrade.
In developing this communication plan, it is important to note that a crucial aspect of its success depends on the communicator understanding the details and intricacies of the proposed upgrade plan as well as its intended benefits. The goal of the plan will be to obtain the buy-in of both the internal and external stakeholders. The following is a table outlining the communication plan: MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan

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