Develop and Implement Diversity Policy

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Develop and Implement Diversity Policy

Q-1 List a number of benefit that diversity policy can bring to an organisation. How do these relate specifically to business objectives?
A - A more diverse workforce... will increase organisational effectiveness. It will lift morale, bring greater access to new segments of the marketplace and enhance productivity. In short... diversity will be good for business.
Diverse workplaces make good business sense for an organisation. A diverse workforce increases the opportunity to bring various perspectives to identifying and solving problems—a set of perspectives that more likely represent broader community views.
Some of the benefits of diversity in business objective:
- Increased
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(d) recognising and fostering diversity.

Equal Employment Opportunity - Organisation should be committed to the development of a culture that is supportive of equity and diversity in the workplace and actively embraces management policies and practices that reflect and respect social and cultural diversity and support the development of:
A workplace culture that demonstrates fair practices and behaviours, and equitable employment access and participation for people in identified Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) target groups.
Organisations EEO Management Plan aims to facilitate removal of systematic barriers to access and equity in employment of groups that have been traditionally under-represented or disadvantaged
Q-4 what could impact on implementation of the policy
The impact of diversity can be measured. Firstly, there is research done by Prof Frank Dobbin, Harvard Business School, 'Assessing the Efficacy of Corporate Affirmative Action and Diversity Policies'. Secondly, the Apr 2004 HBR has an article in it demonstrating how IBM obtained a big revenue return from targeting medium sized women and minority ethnic owned businesses. It's possible, also, to measure the savings in recruitment costs from achieving higher retention rates for 'minority' employees through building a more inclusive culture. Another measure is the reductions in absenteeism for underrepresented affinity groups


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