Physical Diversity in the Workplace

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Running head: Physical Diversity in the Workplace

Physical Diversity


A physical disability is one type of diversity in the workplace because it can cause harassment, discrimination, and occupational hazards.

Physical diversity in the Workplace

. Diversity encompasses race, religion, gender, background, education, physical disabilities, and more. In life there are so many diversities that one faces. Unfortunately, the workplace is no exception especially for the employee with a physical disability. An employee with a physical disability in the workplace can be hard, but also for a co-worker and employer to accept .The employee with a physical disability may encounter discrimination, harassment, and
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When there are no bathrooms that are handicap accessible this can cause serious occupational hazards when there are no ramps, larger stalls or a handicap restroom by itself, and hand rails. If ramps are not installed, due to a bathroom that’s not handicap accessible, this could cause a disabled person to have trouble getting to the restroom, not being able to go at all, falling, or the wheelchair flipping causing an occupational hazard. Also by not having handicap accessible restroom with a larger stall or a handicap restroom by itself can cause an occupational hazard, because this can keep a disabled person from being able to enter the restroom, have assistance due to their disability, or have the privacy due to medical conditions. Lastly, occupational hazards can occur when hand rails are not accessible due to any handicap accessible restrooms. Hand rails are specifically important for people with physical disabilities and who need handicap accessible restrooms, because these help with pulling to get up, holding on to keep from falling, and for guidance for those that can’t see. Occupational hazards can almost always be avoided for those with physical disabilities in the workplace, if we simply add things and fix things to improve the workplace for workers with physical disabilities.
No matter what diversity you may encounter whether it be in your


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